Photo Exhibition China: Beijing to Lhasa, from Evariste Huc (1813-1860) until now


At the origin of this exhibition:

From February to July 2006, we carried out a journey of 5 400 km, in North China , by bicycle and horseback, from Beijing to Lhasa, on the trail of Evariste Huc. This missionary-aventurer of the XIXth century, at the end of a voyage of two years and half, is the first French to discover Lhasa.


Invitation to the voyage:

This exhibition invites you to a voyage through time, in areas with the borders of China. These regions, covered with steppes ad infinitum, draw a geographical ribbon which was during millenia, a place of meeting and living of many conquerors people (Mongolian, Manchu, Tibetans, Chinese). Rare testimonys of these areas and China of the XIXth century, belong to a handle of travellers. Evariste Huc, with the danger of his life, remains one of these rare characters to have carried the heart of China as far as Occident. The beginning of the XXe century accompanies the fall by the last Chinese Empire and the People's Republic of China then draws the new face of a country in full change. With the first steps of XXIth century, China opens its borders and the world carries a new glance on this "giant" in full metamorphosis. Today you will discover through the glance of Evariste Huc and ours, the evolution of this surprising country.


Course of the visit:

The exhibition follows in space the way carried out by Evariste Huc, from Beijing to Lhasa.

It is divided into 10 distinct parts, made up of explanatory panels accompanied by captioned photographs (photographs taken at the time of our journey and archival photographs of the beginning of the XXth century).

In the course of the visit you will find : a character presentation of Evariste Huc, an introduction on North China, followed discovery of the 6 traversed areas (Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet), a presentation on Buddhism in China, and to finish, a description of the realization conditions of the travel and photographs.


Educational workshop:

Within the framework of this exhibition, teaching notebooks are at the disposal of the professors of primary education and secondary (6-12 years). The pupils are invited to discover this exhibition using a ludic course to the manner of a track play .

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Exhibition visit:

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