Adventure-Documentary Film:

750 Km by canoe on the trail of the Nahanni discoverers.

Stéphanie Huc and Jean Guillemot Film

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June 29, 1964, Montreal explorer Jean Poirel discovered the headwaters of the Nahanni. Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in the Northwest Territories of Canada, the Nahanni is nicknamed the man-eater. In total, 41 people lost their lives in trying to overcome the river. Jean Poirel and his teammates became the first men to navigate down the Nahanni aboard a lifeboat from the Canadian Army.

June 29, 2009, Stephanie Huc and Jean Guillemot with the help of a Canadian team (Selena Cordeau, Katie Young, Brad Kooy) follow the path of the men of the Nahanni. They covered the 750 km of river in inflatable and traditional canoes, from its source to the Liard River.

“Nahanni” is an independent film "A river movie." The aesthetic images and the original music specially composed for the film, embarks the spectator in a sensory adventure. Immerse yourself in the white foam and listen to the heartbeat of the river, drag your eyes along the banks and feel the essence of the forest. At times, historical figures tell the story of the Nahanni. The film "Nahanni" is a tribute to the man, an ode to the wilderness.



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Festivals nominations 2013 :

  • Valsesia Film festival (Italie)
  • Festival du film d'aventure de la Rochelle (France)
  • Festival du film des Diablerets (Swiss)
  • Sestriere Film festival (Italy)
  • Festival Artisan Voyageurs (France)
  • Green Screen Festival (Germany)
  • Outdoor Film (Czech Republic)
  • International Mountain & Adventure Filmfestival Graz (Austria) (November)
  • Explorimage (France) (November)
  • To be continued...